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Who we are

As a video production agency, Heart & Soul Creations produces powerful content and high quality videos for brands and businesses to connect with their target audience. True to the name, we put our heart and soul into our creations.

We work with talented professionals and technical experts with rich experience in this domain. Our experienced team knows how to remove the clutter around complex marketing messages and convert them into clear, concise and impactful videos.

Creative passion keeps us going, creativity makes us happy, creativity keeps us focused.

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What we offer

We Offer Digital Solutions

Communication Target

Creative partnership

We don't just deliver high quality post production - we partner with you in achieving your business communication target. We learn who you are, how you operate, and ultimately what your viewers would like to know about you. We partner with you through every step of our proven process, ensuring your success.

Creative Videos


As a marketer, there is a lot of expectation from you and your team. If marketing traction stops, it’s on you. This is where we jump in - we make you look awesome through the videos we create. Your organization depends on you; you can depend on us.

Creative Ideas

Creative expression to your ideas

We take your visions and ideas, mix them with the right content, skill, class and talent, and translate them into what your viewers would expect from the video. In short, we use your ideas to keep your viewers engaged.

How we create videos


Defining the goal

  • This is the most important aspect. What do you want to convey to your target audience? What are you looking to achieve? Are you trying to get traffic to your website? or do you want to create brand awareness? or do you want to pull customers for direct purchases from your ecommerce website? and so on.

Identify the target audience

  • We do an analysis of your target audience to get a better grip on the subject matter. This is what will lead us to the concept, help us decide the script, and where and how we shoot your video.

Concept creation

  • This is where the fun part takes off! Our team spends long tough hours to brainstorm and develop a creative concept that will ensure the best strategy for your video’s success. We mostly use the power of emotion because they are what drive viewers to follow your call to action- buy, subscribe, get more information, or share with their network.

Script & storyboard

  • Next, the concept is developed into a video script that focuses on your brand’s message. This script then goes through the storyboarding process where we create a pictorial representation of the video.


  • All set, we can now begin with the filming phase where we capture footage, and manage photography.


  • After filming comes post-production, where your creative concept is brought to life through the magic of editing. It involves an interplay of motion, sound, music, and colours. Quite exciting!


  • It’s not over yet! Once the video is made, our team will provide it to you for feedback and will incorporate your suggestions towards delivering the final product.

Our goal is to create persuasive videos that drive results for you. We believe in building long-term relationships with our clients. We’re excited to start a dialogue, learn about you and make something beautiful together

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